Natural lighting makes me naturally walk towards the window.

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*insert stereotypical Asian tune*

The Gladiator.

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High five to all the dads out there today, especially to my own dad.

Whether you’re watching the game with him or treating him to a nice meal, make sure you make the man feel special!

Happy Father’s Day. (at Tai Mei Tuk, Tai Po)

We heard you enjoy seeing our process in producing our products. Here are some tools we use to make our leather bracelets.

We heard it’s Father’s Day soon.
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You should get him a nice VC Selections knit tie as a gift!

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Last weekend I visited a place in China. Specifically, a beautiful place called, Mount Danxia. As a tourist, I was excited to capture the beautiful views on mountain tops but at the same time I also saw many things I did not wish to see. I realized how fortunate we are to have every necessity at ease but we still complain how slow the Internet is.

Here are some shots I managed to capture on my camera, shared with you.

Have you seen our new collection of leather bracelets yet? They’re going fast!

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Shots of strangers while I’m staying in Hong Kong.


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